Death Row Movies

  1. “The Green Mile” 1999. This is a fine movie about a prison guard and an inmate with the gift to heal. A friendship seems to brew between the two as death lingers over head. Tom Hanks plays an exceptional role as the prison guard in this classic movie.
  2. “Dead Man Walking” 1999. Based on a true story of a nun who becomes a spiritual advisor to death row. Never wavering from her Christian beliefs, she struggles to console those who have killed and one in particular who shows no remorse or regret for what he has done.
  3. “Identity” 2003. A movie about a wrongly accused killer on death row. While others struggle to clear his name he has come to grips with his destiny. Will the phone ring at the last minute to save the innocent?  
  4. “Monster’s Ball” 2001. Being in the family business isn’t Ledger’s cup of tea. After witnessing an execution he looses his lunch and his father looses his mind. Sent away to reexamine his life, ledger falls for Leticia (the wife of the one whose execution he witnessed).
  5. “Black Angel” 1946. is a dark noir film very cleverly scripted. Just another innocent man on death row and the race to clear his name. This is still a wonderful and well directed dark film that even today it is one to review.
  6. “The Thin Blue Line” 1998. A true docudrama about an innocent man on death row for the killing o Dallas policemen. A riveting story about the hardship and pain one man would go through for the sake of proving another’s innocence.
  7. “Dead Man Out” 1989. What would happen if a convicted killer were to go insane while on death row. That is exactly the question this movie asks and sets out to answer it. This is a riveting and entertaining movie.
  8. “Live! From Death Row” 1992. Yes, you read it right. This is a tabloid based movie about a live interview of a killer before his execution. Things don’t always go as planned however, even in television.
  9. “Angels with Dirty Faces” 1938. Chronicles the lives of two friends, one chose the priesthood and the other a life of crime. One is set to pay for his crimes while the other the last rites.
  10. “Beyond the Call” 1996. This movie centers on a housewife who finds herself in the midst of an inmate on death row. She feels compelled to help him based on his haunted past. This is a movie about the Vietnam era veterans and post traumatic syndrome.

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