Wrongfully convicted ? James McWilliams

I was actually doing research on Inmates in death row when I found the case of James McWilliams, who is currently in the death row in Alabama, I read his case on his website some evidence has been lost, the real murderer confessed, after having read everything on his case, I tell myself that maybe this man is wrongly accused and imprisoned.  I copy the link of  his personal website, if you can take the time to read it and tell me your feedback.




  1. There was no petition on his site? Would a petition help him? It sure sounds like a major wrongful conviction to me.

    1. yes, i know, when i read his case i ask myself : wrongly ? and i shared on the blog maybe im wrong to think he is wrongly convicted, i was waiting opinions of the readers and i still waiting 🙂 . thx for your comment arkansas 🙂 take care

  2. Will post around so you can get opinions, because some kind of action needs to be taken for him 20 years is much much to long to be sitting for something he has not done

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