Letter from Tom Elliot

april 12, source : http://www.tcpalm.com

Letter: Time to stop Gore‘s appeals, just as he stopped his victims’ appeals for their lives

With very heavy hearts, my family has seen this whole process of trials, appeals, stays, new trials and on and on and on with faith in God and the justice system. It’s taken 28 years for this process to play itself out.

The pain, torture, cruelty and punishment David Gore imposed on his innocent victims warrants death. When I see with my eyes the total destruction of life David Gore has caused to his victims and their families, it warrants death.

While very pleased with the recent opinion of the Florida Supreme Court, it’s just another slap in the face from Gore to think his efforts are not exhausted due to the ability to go to the federal courts. His victims were afforded absolutely nothing but death. Their pleas for life, relief, pardon and help were heard by no one but him. He was judge and jury of their fate. He denied them.

I pray the federal courts will do the same to him. He’s been fighting for his life longer than most of his victims even lived. It’s been long enough.

Tom Elliott is the nephew of Carl Elliott, whose daughter, Lynn, was one of David Gore’s victims.



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