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Florida – Craigslist killer sentenced to death

David Sparre sentenced

JACKSONVILLE, march 30, source :http://www.news4jax.com

A 20-year-old man convicted of first-degree murder in the stabbing death of a 21-year-old Navy wife he met on Craigslist is sentenced to Florida’s death row.

Judge Elizabeth Senterfitt formally sentenced David Sparre to death for killing Tiara Pool by stabbing her 89 times.

Before the jury unanimously recommend the death penalty last month, Sparre went against the advice of his attorneys and waived his right for witnesses to testify on his behalf during the sentencing.

Because of Sparre’s request, the only testimony in the penalty phase were prosecutors only brought up three of Pool’s relatives for victim impact statements.

The judge said that by the defense not being able to bring up witnesses, Sparre eliminated more than 25 mitigating factors in his defense, ranging from his family’s troubles, such as abuse, to medical factors, such as suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and attention deficit disorder.

“What’s going through my mind is, a flower has been plucked from our garden. That flower will never be there anymore, but I thank God that justice has taken place,” Hattie Roche, Pool’s grandmother, said after the jury recommended the death penalty. “It aches because we don’t know why this happened. But the only thing we can do is rally around those two little boys and be all that we can be to them, and know that Tiara is looking down on us.”

During the trial, prosecutors described what they called the ruthless and violent killing of Pool, a mother of two sons, in her Hodges Boulevard apartment in July 2010.

“Eighty-nine. Over 89 stab wounds or cuts made by that man when he brutally killed the young lady,” prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda said. “What killed this innocent young lady was major stab wounds to her back. She was cut across her neck, she was stabbed across her back numerous times, and she was left on her bedroom floor naked, left to die.”

Prosecutors said Pool posted an ad on Craigslist seeking friendship. They said Pool’s husband was out at sea, and they were having problems in their marriage. Prosecutors said Pool’s sons were out of town with her in-laws when she was killed.

Attorneys said Sparre, who was living in Georgia, responded to the online ad, and he and Pool text messaged each other for about a week until they finally met in Jacksonville.

Sparre told Pool he was visiting his grandmother, who had to go to St. Vincent’s Medical Center, prosecutors said. Surveillance video shows him walking around the hospital.

Prosecutors said the two met at the hospital, but eventually went back to Pool’s apartment. That’s where attorneys disagree on what led to her killing.

“He realized what had happened, and it was too late,” defense attorney Michael Bateh said. “He saw the body of Tiara Pool laying there in her own blood.”

Defense attorneys said Sparre and Pool were intimate, and when Sparre found out she was married, he blacked out and then found her dead, not realizing what he did.

Prosecutors said Sparre never blacked out. He not only killed her with her own kitchen knife, but stole some of her things before leaving and heading back to the hospital, prosecutors said. They said he even sold her PlayStation to a pawn shop in Georgia.

Police said it was four days until a concerned friend went to check on Pool and found her dead in her bedroom.

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